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Official Description[edit | edit source]

Miners. Colonists. Explorers. Traders. The CFI finds its roots in the men and women who have made new lives in the outer colonies. Their blood and sweat fuels the engine of expansion.

These individuals reject the IGC, and the idea of a single banner. CFI members are determined to carve out a piece of the system for themselves and are prepared to die defending it. So far they have simply resorted to large scale protests and, more recently, riots. They seem well organized and appear to have deep knowledge of IGC infrastructure and military systems, suggesting former IGC personnel are embedded with their leadership.

There are also whispers that this movement was founded by the survivors of the Copernicus Collective.

But for real[edit | edit source]

Uppity yuppies that can't just keep to themselves.

Leader[edit | edit source]