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Official Description[edit | edit source]

With the end of the Expansion Wars, the IGC emerged as the major power in the Sol System. Under their watch, humanity experienced a new era of relative peace and prosperity. The Council poured funding into A-tech research and exploration, driving new innovations, technology, and improvements across Sol

While the IGC outwardly focuses on science and humanitarian efforts, enemies should remember that they did not gain power through diplomacy. The Council maintains an overwhelmingly powerful military arm. Their extraplanetary marines hunt down and destroy the remnant pirate and criminal syndicates that still plague the system. Rumors also suggest that their mythic O.D.I.N teams remain active; working in the shadows to silence more intense threats to Council power.

But for real:[edit | edit source]

The overreaching scum making way too much noise around the galaxy and pissing off a lot of indigenous people.