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What is this?

The Crypto Kings Guide to the Galaxy

The standard repository for all knowledge and wisdom of the Sol Universe....


Guide to the guide

OK, this entire thing is going to be out of my “Doc” character, so please make sure you pay attention…

Lets face it, I can’t think of everything. I can’t hear or tell all of the stories, I can’t relate experiences from the greatest battles, and I can’t be everywhere at once…. but you can!

What I can do is provide a sandbox for everyone to play (nicely) in. So, to that end, we have created this wiki (owned and operated by the Crypto Kings faction). I challenge you, the players, to help us build this incredible world together. In time, Sol Wars will become a living breathing place that we created together… and that means something. I can’t wait to see where everyone takes this.

But, and there is always a but, we can’t let this devolve into a free for all. We do have a story to tell and giving complete and totally freedom to the players without some sort of guidance will make the narrative unsustainable. So, to that end, I wanted to provide the guard rails to help guide the content here.

Off Limits stuff

Some of this may change, but as of right now the below are off limits from being included in content.

  • Interstellar travel - all events happen in our own little solar system
  • No aliens
  • No full blown AI, think more along the lines of a Cortana (if you don’t get the reference go play Halo immediately…)
  • No Hyperspace
  • Writing future looking stuff - Stay in the present, don’t try to move beyond current events. Tell past or parallel stories
  • Writing for any of the “main” characters - Doc, Mav, Rabbit, Mongo, Shepherd, Griz, Jackal, Dr. Killian, GQ,Mouse, Jaws, Vader, Kirby

Stuff we kindly ask you to stick to

  • Stick to the factions as written. Don’t take them totally off the rails
  • Current events and past events
  • Try not to introduce fractions listed
  • Reference the “official” source material as much as possible
  • When in doubt, ask. Hit Doc up on his personal instagram, doc_grimnir, for guidance

Other considerations

  • Be aware, content may be altered depending on the narrative direction
  • By adding content, you are authorizing use by Grimnir Tactical in their official canon, stories, and events

And with all of that… have at it. Again, I can’t wait to see where we take Sol Wars

The Story

The story so far.


Major Factions:

Minor Factions:


  • coming


Player Characters:

  • Be the first!